Results Guarantee: Follow our Results Plan to a "T", report
in each week with your journal to ensure you're doing
everything right to maximize your body transformation
results, achieve the weight loss results you want...or
you don't pay a dime! (Priceless)
Unlimited e-mail and phone support for all your fitness and weight
loss questions.  Being active in your fat loss program is highly
important to maximize your results, so we encourage you
to always ask questions...and we're ALWAYS here to
answer them for you!  ($99.00 value)
Step-by-Step XBT Nutritional Manual for fast results:
Our "XBT Fat Loss Blueprint" will help you attain maximum
fat loss and help take the guess work out of the What,
When, and How Much to eat for immediate and
lasting fat loss results!  ($39.00 value)
Monthly Fitness Assessment to ensure you're meeting and
exceeding your monthly fat loss goals.  Knowing where you
are and where you want to go is crucial in exceeding
your fat loss and fitness goals...and we EXPECT you
to meet and exceed your goals.  ($29.00 value)
Here are just a few benefits you'll receive
from attending our Boot Camp Fitness Program..."

You WILL get stronger while boosting your metabolism for faster results using our unique "H.I.I.T." approach to fat loss.

You WILL become leaner with more tone and shapely muscles by following our specific fat loss nutritional strategies outlined in our
"super simple" XBT Nutritional Manual 3.0.

You WILL improve your flexibility and mobility using our systemized stretching and warm-up sequences and techniques.

You WILL strengthen and dramatically improve your "core" by following our functional program design specifically designed to be your flat belly solution.

You WILL dramatically improve your fitness capacity well beyond what you thought was humanely possible, regardless of your current exercise program. 

After just a week of attending your sessions, it will be crystal clear why your fitness program wasn't giving you the fat loss and fitness results it should have  (this will be an "ah-ha" moment).

You WILL have fun and be motivated to achieve all of your fitness and fat loss results because you're joined by 100's of others in our supportive Body Envy Fitness community who are working together to achieve many of the same exact goals you want to achieve.
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"64 Years 'Young' and Jeanne Drops Below 15% Body Fat!"
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"My Clothes Are Literally Falling Off Me Now!"

"The first couple of months I didn't notice as much in weight loss...... but that's coming down big time and my clothes are falling off of me now!

My face is much much thinner and of course my whole body is way better.

I feel better then ever and I've lost
so many inches that I'm Amazed!

I just want to say Thank You for all your support and emails.  It just shows me how much you care about our results."

Valora Mattison
Chandler, Arizona
"I needed a jump start and discovered Body Envy Boot Camp. 

Since starting I have lost a total of 47 pounds plus my body fat has dropped considerably.

Body Envy Boot Camp has helped me get results that I was not able to achieve with cardio alone. 

I've not reached my goal yet but I will and I have Body Envy Boot Camp and wonderful personal trainers to thank."

Marti Player
Gilbert, Arizona
"I'm Down 47 Pounds and
Feeling Great!"
"I love Body Envy Boot Camp!" 

I look forward to the challenging workouts each morning and enjoy them with a bunch of great women I've had the pleasure of meeting and knowing over the last three years. 

Eric's knowledge and guidance continues to inspire me to be the best I can be.  Thanks for guiding all of us to our true potential!

Jeanne G.
Chandler, Arizona
"I've Dropped 70lbs and Weigh Less Than I Did 22 Years Ago!"
"Boot Camp is your answer!  Camp has changed my life and my body!  I am leaner, stronger and more fit than I have ever been.

I've lost 70 pounds and now weigh less today than I did when I graduated high school almost 22 years ago.  My heart rate was also recently measured at 45 bpm and I've cut my body fat by more than half – from 33% to under 15%.  I can’t recommend Body Envy Boot Camp highly enough!

Camp is for any woman looking to transform her body, jump start her fitness routine or simply get better, more effective workouts!"

Libby Whitton
Chandler, AZ
"Boot Camp is definitely the FUNNEST way I've found
to workout!"
"I am totally addicted to bootcamp because
it's definitely the funnest way I've found to workout.

All the women at camp have the same goals.
To firm up and lose weight, plus I love that
it's for women only.

I love meeting new people and I like to see how far I can push myself. I've never been this strong before, ever! I love it!

I'll still be at bootcamp when I'm 90 years old. :)"

Kristi McPoland
Chandler, AZ
Why Join Our Fitness Community?

We offer sessions each week from 5:15am To 8:30pm!

There are (4) Saturday morning sessions available from 7am -10am.

There's seventy two (72) sessions offered 6 days per week!

Our Step-By-Step nutritional blueprint for FAST results!

NEVER THE SAME, Fun, Fat melting, Muscle toning workouts!

HUGE INDOOR location just off Loop 202 and Cooper.

14 Convenient Daily Times to Attend...No More Missed Workouts!

"Max Results" Body Envy newsletter to keep your focused on your goals!

Email and phone coaching for maximum support!

FREE AM & PM child care in our Kids Play Center.

Attend 3, 4, 5 or even 6 days per week...even multiple times per day!

As low as $97 per month for unlimited attendance.....yes, it can be that low on certain memberships!

RESULTS...because that's what you really want and that's why we're here to help you every step of the way!
"More Successful Body Envy Fitness Women Share Their Results..."
"After Having Kids, I'm In The Best Shape of My Life!"
"After not getting the results I wanted from the gym, I decided to try Body Envy Boot Camp after hearing about it from a friend. 

Within the first month, I started noticing definition in my arms, legs, and midsection.  To date, I have also cut my body fat by more than half!

After having kids, I thought I would never have my body back but I can honestly say I am now in the best shape of my life.

Anyone wanting DRAMATIC results can't go wrong by joining Body Envy Boot Camp!

Marina Pesakovic - Mesa, Arizona

"How Would You Like To Be Part Of The Hottest
Women's Only Boot Camp in Chandler...Voted The
#1 Woman's Fitness Program In The East Valley
By Women Just Like You?"

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Body Envy Fitness - Chandler Boot Camps
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"Enrolling in boot camp is the best thing I have ever done for myself!"

"Two years ago I thought I was in OK shape, even though I never exercised and didn't eat all that well. I wasn't overweight, so I assumed that I was just as fit as anyone else. I was wrong. 

I loved how great I felt after the workouts and I was amazed at
the changes in my strength and speed, so I kept going back,
month after month. Now it has been two years and I can't
believe how much better I feel at this fitness level than I ever
did before.

It feels like I have a completely different body, inside and out,
and I owe it all to Eric and his Body Envy Boot Camps!”

Andrea K - Chandler, AZ - Pediatric Nurse
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"From  34% Body Fat to Under 15%!" 

"When I decided to attend bootcamp, my body fat was 34% and my goals were to be under 20% body fat.  Well, now it's under 15%!

I love my mornings and even look forward to getting up early when I don't have bootcamp.  With your help, I've found the right combination of diet and exercise.

I love what it's done for me and how I feel.  I can't imagine going back to the way I was before.  Thanks so much for your encouragement and constant support!"

Jan Keyser
Chandler, AZ
body envy boot camp testimonial
“It’s about time for another round of new
clothes (darn!)." 

"I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel physically.  I picked up a 50 pound package and thought to myself…I can’t believe I was carrying around this much extra weight!  What a killer!

When we first weighed in, I was 227lbs and as of this morning (exactly 6 months later) I weighed 138lbs…that’s 89lbs in
6 months!!

Your bootcamp program sure has worked for me and your availability to answer questions and provide encouragement
has been a big, big part of that.  Thank you for everything!”

Deb Shaver
Chandler, Arizona
boot camp testimonial
"Down 48lbs and Looking Fantastic at the Ripe Young Age of 52!"

"As I reached the age of 50, I had given up the way I looked.
I wasn't happy, but thought, who cares what I look like anymore.
One day my neighbor asked me if I wanted to join Boot Camp. 
Her friend had dropped a lot of weight and told her about Body Envy Boot Camp.

After the first month, I could see my body changing and then someone said "you're starting to lose your stomach"!  I can
honestly say I'm hooked and I love the way I feel after each class.  My body has changed so much and the drive to continue is still there!  It's amazing how much more energy I have.  Seeing my results has motivated some of my neighborhood friends to join and they too are seeing the same results! Thank You ERIC for being an awesome trainer and Bernice for being my Body Envy Boot Camp partner!"
Cindy Conners - Chandler, Arizona
OK...I'm Excited & Ready!

I want to take my fitness and fat loss through the roof with my    VIP Pass!  I'm Committed, I'm Ready & I'm Serious about
getting fat loss results starting NOW!

Come "Experience" Our Body Envy Fitness Transformation Program...CLICK BELOW!

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"The Rotation of the Work-Outs is Addicting!"

"It's unbelievable what a difference 30 days can make if you follow the simple regimen.

I appreciate that after 5 months not ONE workout has been repeated, and the rotation of work-outs is addicting!

You are in charge of your own health, and ultimately your health is what matters and is in your control."

Jessica Blanco-Gilbert, M.D.
Chandler, Arizona
"My Results Are Amazing since joining Body Envy Fitness. "
"My main motivation when I joined was that I wanted to lose weight and learn healthy eating habits...well, my results are amazing!

Weight loss... love how I can wear a size 2 again:)

Energy.... I have great energy without caffeine.

Strength....I'm lifting the heaviest I've ever lifted.

I can't thank you enough...I'm so excited about how I look and feel!

Misty Patrick
Chandler, AZ
...Well, now you can because Body Envy Fitness Boot Camps will help you to quickly reshape your body, helping make you thinner, tighter and leaner faster than traditional diet and exercise alone.

If you're ready to take your fitness up a few notches, finally get into the shape you've been waiting to get into and have FUN while doing it...then you've come to the right place. 

Whether you're a seasoned workout veteran or a complete beginner, you'll find our women's boot camp program a breathe of fresh air. 

Why?  Because unlike other programs that repeat the same old thing over and over, we structure your fitness training to be fun and never the same.  You'll actually look forward to coming back day in and day out for something new!


"You'll Get Results or I'll Personally Give You 100% Refund
Just for Seeing What We're All About!"

We're a family owned fitness facility with a huge community of women who share the common goals of losing fat, toning up and having a lot more energy. 

We'll make sure that you have the right tools and support for maximum results with our coaches and staff helping you along the way.

If that sounds like a fitness community you'd like to be a part of...then I would encourage you to give us a call today to schedule your initial complimentary trial session and see what we're all about.

"The Results Speak for Themselves!"

"Going to boot camp isn't easy, but the results speak for themselves.

After only my first month of camp, I lost over 7 inches and decreased my body fat by over 4%. If you want to get in shape, join today!"

"...under 9% body fat in only 14 weeks!"

"I put myself in Eric's hands and I'm glad I did.  I went from an out of shape 21% bodyfat level to under 9% body fat in only 14 weeks!  I competed in my first figure contest and placed fifth. Unbelievable!!!

I now compete in figure contests and have more confidence than ever before.  All I can say is THANKS Eric!"

Bernadine M. - Mesa, Arizona
"...I'm down a total of 20lbs in 11 weeks!"

"I've never experienced a workout quite like these.  I have more stamina, energy and I just don't feel drained anymore.  I've lost 8lbs and at least two inches off my waist in the first three weeks.  Now I'm down a total of 20lbs in 11 weeks.

I can honestly say that Eric's program and expertise have made my life better.  Without his help, I wouldn't have made the changes to my lifestyle I needed to make. Thanks a million."
Peggy Lee - Gilbert, AZ
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"My Name is Nancy and I Have The Recipe For Success!"

"I had no idea what I was getting myself into starting your boot camp, but I was ready to take action and make some positive changes.  I bought into everything you told me to do and here's my weight loss progress starting month 1...

10lbs, 18lbs,  25lbs,  34lbs,  41lbs,  48lbs,  54lbs,  61lbs,   69lbs,   72lbs,   76lbs,  79lbs,   83lbs...Month 14 - 86lbs.
If it weren't for your help and passion for helping me, I couldn't have come this far.

Oh yeah...I actually LOVE camp! 

It's the first hour of my day and I completely look forward
to it.  Thank You!!
"I Feel Privileged"

"When I started boot camp almost 2 years ago, I went through my closet and pulled out everything that didn't fit and put it in a box. 

Every once in a while I'd go through the box and add things back while pulling the too big stuff out.

The other day I emptied the box and realized how many times in losing 30 pounds I've changed sizes.  It occurred to me that everyone at camp has done or is doing the same thing. 

Everyone is in different stages of fat loss, different sizes etc.

...I feel privileged to have trained with you for the last two years."

Libby Vincent - Chandler, AZ
Meg T. - Chandler, AZ
Nancy T. - Chandler, Arizona
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