"Here Are Just A Few Of The Hundreds of Body Envy Boot Camp Testimonials and Personal Training Success Stories
We Have On File From East Valley Women
Just Like YOU!"

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"I AM addicted--to your workout program!"

Mary (a very happy 51 year old) - Gilbert, Arizona
"I needed a jump start and discovered Body Envy Boot Camp. 

Since starting I have lost a total of 47 pounds plus my body fat has dropped considerably.

Body Envy Boot Camp has helped me get results that I was not able to achieve with cardio alone. 

I've not reached my goal yet but I will and I have Body Envy Boot Camp and wonderful coaches to thank."

Marti Player
Gilbert, Arizona
"I'm Down 47 Pounds and
Feeling Great!"
          "I'm Lovin' Camp!"

Sue Durkin - Chandler, Arizona
"The best exercise program in town!"

Cynthia "CC" Conners - Gilbert, AZ
"Incredible fitness class for women!"

times per week.  Somehow I've been going six days a week for the past six months.  For the first time in my life I can say that I LOVE MY WORKOUT, even though it's the hardest one I've ever had.
The instructors, make the class truly enjoyable.  They allow their students to work at their own pace but know how to push us just enough so that we keep taking it to the next level.  Their passion for what they do is incredibly motivating.  The best part is that I never get bored!! 

The music is upbeat and varied, the two facilities allow for different workout styles, the group is filled with lively and fantastic women and the workouts are different each day.  The flexibility and frequency of the classes is invaluable, even though my desire to go has me dragging myself out of bed each morning at 5 (my mother would never believe it).

I feel great physically and at thirty years old I have the best muscle tone of my life, but the mental strength I've gained has been even more valuable.  I've crossed imaginary boundaries I've always carried with me and feel encouraged to accept new challenges. 

I recently ran a 4.3 mile race straight with no ramp-up time, even though I had never been able to run longer than a mile and a half previously.
Eric sends out extremely informative email newsletters daily, that cover a variety of healthy lifestyle topics.  Nutrition is taught at both a high level (for those that need a simple plan) and also in extreme depth with technical explanations that are great for those of us that always ask "ok, but why?"  Additionally, we get weekend workouts.

The Body Envy Facebook page is a wonderfully supportive community, and the members use it to encourage each other, post workout accomplishments, empathize with the inability to walk after a hard workout and organize impromptu outings outside of class.

Don't let the fact that this class is difficult dissuade you from joining.  Attending women of all abilities and fitness levels are setting and meeting goals daily.  I've met so many that have lost 30, 40, 50+ pounds.  This year-round class is marketed as a life-changing workout, and it truly is."

Alyssa Bair - Gilbert, AZ
"I don't know if there's enough room for me to write why I love Body Envy." 

Janna Webster - Chandler, AZ
"I've tried all sorts of things fitness-wise: running daily (hate it), personal trainer (good but too expensive), yoga (fine as a supplement to other work), endless hours of cardio in the gym (yawn), and the list goes on.  While many of these options have assisted me in losing weight, they've always been temporary kick-starts that are quickly abandoned. 

When I signed up for body envy bootcamp, I told myself I would try to make it three
"Body Envy Boot Camp in Chandler is absolutely amazing!  The coaches are wonderful and the workouts are great! It has literally changed my life.

As testimony to that, a colleague
commented that I looked younger now than I did six year ago when we first started working together. That is, in large part, due to Eric and the rest of Team at Body Envy.

Even after three years of attending camp, they still find a way to challenge me and push my physical limits. The result is a new confidence and, at 44, I feel better (and look better) , healthier, and stronger than I have ever felt.  Thanks Body Envy!"
"I've always loved working out--taught it, took it, read about it, studied it........Then WHAM!!!!  My 40's hit--and nothing I did or did NOT do--worked. 

Until the middle of December, 2009 when Megan invited Lindsay and I to join.  Since then....I've watched a transformation take place....and it's with sincere gratitude that I thank you for your passion, your committment, your drive, and yes-
-even your music.....that have enabled me to fulfill a long sought-after goal for my personal health.

Results from hard work and committment to the goal have finally been mine to embrace--and it's truly with a heart that I say THANK YOU!!!"
"It's a program of educated trainers, telling you exacting what, how and why.

I have lost 48 lbs and I wasn't able to do a single sit up when I first started.  I've been doing Body Envy Boot Camp for 2 years and I LOVE IT!.. 52 years old and I'm in the best shape I've been in my adult life.
I never exercised, was way way over weight and then I joined boot camp.  I can say I never said "I don't want to go"..... It's my routine now and the coaches are awesome!  They push me to do more and do it right!

We receive daily emails with information on how to eat, how our bodies work and what we need to do if we want to see results. Woman of all ages and sizes attend and it's fun and exhausting. I feel so awesome when I'm done. I will NEVER quit! Body Envy Boot Camp does the body GOOD!  It's the best thing I could have ever done for me and my health.

It's still tough after 2 years and no two times are ever the same. So it keeps it exciting (and exhausting)!!! :-)  Try it, you'll never go back to the gym!"
"I first started going to camp about four years ago and was addicted from the start.  The workouts are amazing and the results are amazing too. 

Eric and Grant are always there to help and encourage you in your diet and exercise.  Even after a torn ACL(I did this playing soccer not at BootCamp) I am in the best shape of my life.
I completed my first 1/2 marthon in June and have already signed up for another one.  I owe this to the encouragement and exercises that Eric and Grant dish out everyday.

I have had two children and am in a "comfortable" size 4 which means I think I can fit in a size two and my body fat is right around 15% . 

I have more energy then I did in my 20's which is better for everyone.  I love Body Envy and would be so lost without it."
Body Envy Boot Camp
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“It’s about time for another round of new
clothes (darn!)." 

"I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel physically.  I picked up a 50 pound package and thought to myself…I can’t believe I was carrying around this much extra weight!  What a killer!

When we first weighed in, I was 227lbs and as of this morning (exactly 6 months later) I weighed 138lbs…that’s 89lbs in
6 months!!

Your boot camp program sure has worked for me and your availability to answer questions and provide encouragement has been a big, big part of that.  Thank you for everything!”

Deb Shaver
Chandler, Arizona