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What is Body Envy Boot Camp for Women?

Body Envy Boot Camp is a group fitness program of exercise, nutritional consulting and fun. You will be inspired and led by your coach through your daily training and nutritional education.  This is NOT a military style "boot camp" in any way, shape or form.

We offer a supervised group fitness boot camp for women that focuses on substantially increasing your fitness level and assisting you in achieving your desired body fat level as quickly as possible.  Results can be dramatic when our boot camp fitness and nutrition program is followed to a "T".

Will I be able to participate if I'm not in good shape?

Absolutely.  All fitness levels are welcome to participate.  Your safety is paramount, so you'll never be asked to perform more than you're capable of doing.  We have a wide range of fitness levels that attend.  From very athletic to sedentary and everyone in between.  You'll never feel out of place because our camps are uniquely structured so that all participants work at their own pace.  With that said....everyone is expected to work hard and challenge themselves, so you will be challenged more than ever by your coaches.

Are there any pre-requisites?

You must schedule and attend a pre-camp fitness assessment.  You can read more about the assessment Here.  All of our exercises are scalable to most fitness levels.  With that said, you should be able to jog for 60 second periods.  We perform very short runs/sprints and in order for you to participate, a minimum of a slow jog is necessary.  Secondly, you need to have the right attitude.  We want women participating that have a genuine interest in achieving their fitness goals.  Even though our fitness camps are fun with lots of great people, this isn't a social hour.  We expect everyone to come and have a good time, BUT to get an even better workout!  If you have an underlying health concern or injury, this most likely isn't the right fitness program for you at this time. Please contact us prior to registering so we can determine if our camps are right for you.  Also, we encourage you to contact your doctor prior to participating..

Where is the location of Body Envy Boot Camp?

Our Chandler location is located at 2450 E. Germann Rd., Suite 9.  The approximate cross streets are Cooper Rd. & Germann Rd (1/4 mile east of cooper on germann).  This is an indoor fitness facility, so bathroom facilities are available on site.  There is also a shower available. 

What time are the sessions held?

Please see our Location and Scheduling Page by clicking HERE.

When is the next Boot Camp?

Our camps are open registration, meaning we have no start and end dates.  Your registration starts the day you register and continues until cancelled.

What items do I need?

Comfortable shoes, a small towel and a reusable water bottle....that's it.  Drinking fountains are available.

What can I expect to achieve from camp?

If you come to each class and put in the effort, you will lose fat and tone up your trouble spots.  You'll notice an increase in your daily energy levels and a dramatic improvement in your fitness level. Our program includes many exercises and activities that will help firm up your thighs, help flatten your stomach, tone your arms and help you get rid of your unwanted body fat.

Our goal is to drastically improve your fitness capacity...because that's what's going to help you firm up. You'll also share the experience with other like minded women who want to make healthy lifestyle changes and get awesome results just like you.

There are testimonials all over our website for you to see what kind of results are possible.  These represent only a very small fraction of the success stories we have from the women that have attended our camps, but will give you a good idea what is possible with consistency.

We can't promise you'll experience the same amazing results as some of our clients, but you can and will see results every month, given you do what we ask of you.

Why should I join your boot camp?

You should only join Body Envy Boot Camp if you're serious about making dramatic improvements to your body. You'll experience a positive environment with other women getting in great shape and having fun at the same time.  We expect all of our clients to make noticeable changes to their body composition and you will if you join our camp and put forth the effort we expect of everyone.

There are no miracle fat loss programs!  Our program is successful because it's very challenging and is structured for maximum results in minimum time.  It requires you to actively participate in your fitness by interacting on a daily basis.  Fitness results don't happen by osmosis, so your level of participation will dictate the type and amount of results your experience.

What is the investment in myself?

Every camp has a registration fee.  You have several options to attend.  The more often you attend, the better fat loss results you'll achieve.

You get hours of training and education for less than $7 per session.  Compare that to personal training fees of $50-90 per hour and I think you'll agree, Body Envy Fitness Boot Camp is an amazing value. Where else can you get hours of top notch fitness instruction and personal training and coaching with such a small investment?  .......Nowhere!

Once you've registered, you will be scheduled to complete your pre-camp assessment and receive all manuals, forms and directions regarding your participation.  If you do not receive this information, please contact us immediately at

What is the Pre Camp Evaluation?

We will take a few simple measurements to get an idea of where you are prior to beginning camp. We don't care what the measurements are, they're strictly for a post-camp comparison. These measurements and all other personal information will be held in the strictest confidence, but are necessary to gauge your progress each month.

We will record your weight, take circumference measurements and measure your body fat percentage. Again, the numbers don't matter. We just want to be able to measure your improvement. Don't be surprised if you see a  2-4% reduction in your body fat and a loss of several inches over your first four weeks! Remember, the more consistent you are, the better your results will be!

Will I be sore?

Most people feel soreness for the first week or so. After that point, there's residual soreness, but nothing you can't handle. It's part of the process that allows your body to adapt and improve!  Get used to being uncomfortable.  If you're not uncomfortable, your not improving!

Who will be attending camp?

Women just like you. Someone who needs direction, accountability and a change to their fitness program.  Those wanting to tone up, lose weight and feel better will be joining you.

We have women that have never participated in a structured exercise program to women who recreationally compete in fitness & sporting events.  The majority are somewhere in between.

How does your guarantee work?

Attend all your scheduled camp days within your registered four week camp.  If you're not happy with Body Envy Boot Camp, then we don't want your money.  We'll simply refund your registration fee by mail within 21 business days of your request.

If you plan on attending camp to reap the benefits, then asking for a refund, please do yourself and the rest of us at camp a favor and don't register.  We want women who are motivated to achieve a greater fitness level and who understand that it's completely within their control to achieve such results by implementing our proven boot camp training and nutrition program.

So, if you're serious about getting in the best shape of your life, then a refund isn't even an option for you.

What is a typical day like at camp?

That's difficult to say since each day is intentionally different to achieve better fat loss results and alleviate getting bored with your exercise program. You can expect some moderate running, resistance training, stretching, core training, agility and/or plyometric based drills and other activities each day.  You'll always have fun but will be challenged more than you ever have.  Remember, this is a group exercise program and you'll be performing the exercises right along side all your other boot camp buddies.

You'll be supervised throughout the program and have unlimited access to us whenever you have questions.  We're here to help you get in shape!

You'll experience exercises you've never heard of and ones you've probably avoided at all costs...there's something for everyone!  The goal get YOU in shape and have fun doing it!!

How soon will I see results?

Your performance will improve right away. Depending on your commitment level and effort level, it's common to see a client drop 2-4% in body fat within the first camp . We've had women lose over 15lbs in the first 30 days.  Is that typical? Not at all, but it is absolutely possible.  We don't promote gimmicks, starvation diets or 3 minute miracle workouts...this is the real deal. 

Read the testimonials on the website to see what others have experienced. Those are only a few of the 200+ unsolicited testimonials we have on file.

Remember, everyone's body is different so your results will differ!  Everyone is expected to progress, regardless of where you're starting.  If you aren't getting the results, then you're not putting in the effort, you're missing your scheduled camp days or you're not following what we tell you to do for best results!

My everything we ask you to do and you'll see results just as our other successful clients have!

Is there childcare available?

YES, we offer childcare for children 2 1/2 years to 11 years old during the facility hours listed below:

Monday - Thursday
8:30AM - 10:30AM
4:00PM - 7:30PM

8:30AM - 10:30AM
4:00PM - 6:30PM

I purchased a daily deal, how do I redeem it?

If you've purchased a daily deal promotion, your voucher will have the exact directions on how to redeem it.  We require ALL of our clients to schedule a fitness assessment prior to attending their first session as we do not allow non-assessed people to drop-in to our sessions.  There is a specific website listed on your voucher for you to schedule your assessment.  We do not charge for the assessment, but it is required.  Please be sure to schedule as soon as you can in order to get the first available time/day that fits your schedule so you can start attending our program.  Your voucher will be considered redeemed once you've attended your scheduled assessment.

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